Why Choose Platinum Metal Over Gold?

Gold and Platinum materials are used commonly for wedding and engagement rings. Both are precious, unique but similar in multiple ways. Obviously, in gold, you get the option to choose white gold or yellow gold. The white gold jewellery includes alloys, gold and rhodium plating that gives the white look similar to platinum.

Unfortunately, over time the rhodium plating on white jewellery wears off and you see a yellowish tinge. Fortunately, you can re-plate and re-polish the faded yellowish tinge and regain the white gold look again.

Get to know the price difference between white gold and platinum

Alternatively, platinum is naturally white and does not fade like white gold. For this reason, many buyers decide to choose a platinum ring for their engagement or wedding. Price per gram of both materials is the same but when you check gold and platinum rings with prices, it will differ because of several reasons.

Platinum is very dense and weighs 60% more than white gold, so more grams are necessary to design a ring. The material used is 95% pure platinum, while rings of white gold are either 58.5% [in 14k] or 75% [in 18k]. This is the reason platinum rings seem more expensive.

Benefits of platinum material

Shimmery, shiny, and silky

The modern favourite is white platinum as it blends well with the variety of outfits in your wardrobe. Platinum jewellery displays an extremely gorgeous white lustre and silky sparkle, which is not visible in other white metals. You can easily detect the difference when white gold, platinum, and sterling silver rings are placed side by side for comparison.

Lifetime beauty

Engagement rings or wedding rings are lifetime jewellery and need to look lovely all the time. Platinum metal does not lose its colour or shine so it is wise to invest in these rings. It is also regarded as a symbol of purity and love because of its white colour. It even expresses integrity and its brilliant white lustre helps to reflect a diamond’s true radiance.


Metal allergies are common among people. Nickel, silver, gold, and other metals can trigger skin rash but platinum is hypoallergenic. Therefore this hypoallergenic metal is an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin.

Rare treasure

Gold is found in abundance but platinum is a rare precious metal. Only 133 tons of this metal is mined every year in comparison to 1,782 tons of yellow gold, which gives an idea of platinum’s rarity.

Low maintenance

Sterling silver and white gold tarnish, so they need heavy-duty cleaning. Platinum maintains its look for decades. Platinum rings deserve care and attention because of their sentimental and symbolic value.

Make sure to avoid wearing it while using a strong acid, doing manual work, playing sports or at the gym. Store your platinum jewellery in a fabric-lined box, so as to avoid it from getting scratched by other pieces. Get it polished from a local jeweller once in a couple of years.

Platinum scratches easily but is still preferred than 14k gold

Platinum metal is strong and more durable but softer than 14k gold. It means platinum rings can get scratched more easily than 14k gold. Bear in mind that when gold gets scratched you can see the scratch, as well as gold, gets lost. Alternatively, when the platinum ring gets scratched, the material displaces from that place to another developing an antique-looking patina finish, which many people love.

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