Are You Aware of All Rules Related to Australian P-Plate License?

If you have earned your Australian P-Plate driving license then you have accomplished an important milestone in your driving career as you can now drive the car independently. However, are you aware of the rules of driving based on the area where you are living in Australia?

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During the early period of acquiring your P-plate license, all the road rules applicable to you are far stricter than for any other driver. P platers all across Australia must follow few rules that are specific to them. Often they will also be a little different from one state to another state. You can also expect heavier penalties, curfews as well as few passenger restrictions.

Nationwide regulations

The following few regulations will apply all across Australia:

  • P-plate license holders will not be allowed to have any kind of alcohol/drugs while driving a car.
  • While any P-plate drivers are behind the wheel they cannot use mobile phones.
  • Seat belt use will be mandatory, and also the P-plate must be prominently displayed while driving.

Regulations in Australian Capital Territory

Besides observing nationwide regulation, the following are few additional rules the P-plate license holders must know.

  • If you have already held your learner license for at least 6 months can get only 4 demerits while any full license holder will be allowed for 12 demerits.
  • P-platers are allowed to drive any car of their choice and no restriction of speed will be applicable.
  • You cannot tow another vehicle for 12 months but allowed for a trailer of 750 kg or less.
  • If you are above 26 years then only for 6 months you have to display P-plate on your car.

Regulations in Queensland

Here you will have two stages of the P-plate license – P1 and P2 stage. The P1 license holder is allowed to have one passenger of 21 years or less, who should not be his family member from 11 PM to 5 AM. P1 can be further upgraded to P2 license after 12 months and this restriction will be lifted.

However, for drivers below the age of 25, the license will be upgraded to P2 after 2 years. The P1 license holders cannot use any mobile phones but P2 license holders are allowed. Both P1 and P2 license holders will not allowed driving any high-powered car.

Regulations in Northern Territory

As far as the class of car is concerned, there is no restriction for P-platers in the Northern territory. If they wish they are also allowed to drive any performance car but they cannot go beyond the speed of 100 km/h, despite no speed restriction available.

The 2-stage provisional license will not be applicable here, but you can have for 2 years your provisional license.

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