Tips to Design Your Dining Room Lighting to Make it More Customized as Per Your Mood

Do you love enjoying your meal times with your family? Do your friends spend more time on your dining table chatting and lingering over a meal during holiday seasons? If you have said yes to both these questions, dining room decor and lighting is where you should focus. You can play with lightings and chandelier designs apt for your mood.

With a small space, any lighting fixture becomes a central tone that sets the mood of the space. You need to invest carefully with options ranging from as mild as table candles to wall scones to grand chandeliers.

Rectangular chandelier dining room lighting is perfect for a more modern touch to your sacred space. Sofary have all the range and designs of chandelier sourced from designers all over the world. Affordability and variety with unbelievable quality is definitely going to leave you stunned at the choices you have.

Dining room lighting ideas

If you are overwhelmed with the choices you have with modern lighting, let us help you in designing the lights in a manner to complement your lifestyle, your taste, and your family mood in general:

  1. Centrepiece Chandelier
  • Choose a centrepiece chandelier to set up the main ambience.
  • Multi-layer chandelier distributes light evenly over the entire dining table without creating dark spots.
  • If you want a more subtle ambience and lighting, choose a chandelier with multiple glass globes and light it dimly over the place.
  • You can also choose a simple rectangular design that just floats low above your dining table.
  • A rectangular dining table would be complemented by a linear light fixture while a globe chandelier will enhance the aesthetics of a round table.
  1. Layering
  • In general, there should be a distance of 36 inches between top of your dining table and chandelier’s lowest point.
  • This ensures optimum lighting.
  • If your room height is more, increase the distance accordingly.
  1. Dimmers
  • Dimmers are an important part of your dining room lighting to establish the right mood of your dinner settings.
  • You might need more lighting while enjoying festivities with your friends.
  • You might want to keep it low while having a romantic dinner with your spouse.
  • Dimmers also allow better layering of lights.
  1. Budget friendly fixtures
  • Your lighting doesn’t have to be all crystal studded expensive chandeliers; a simple bubble lamp in place can help other dining room decor to shine.
  • A pendant light is more modern and a choice of many as it allows flexibility to suit your decor style.
  • To brighten the edge of a room, accent lighting does the work beautifully while assuring that your guests feel more at home.
  • Table lamps can set up great space for a bar.
  • Wall scones can add artistic details to your room.
  • Lastly, the most inexpensive of them all candles always hold a special place on the dining table. When added with flower arrangements and scents, nothing can beat a candle light dinner.

Take inspiration from the above points, check out the stores and arrange your dining room lighting beautifully. Meal times are bonding times for most families, so why not have a perfect ambience for the most important space of your house.

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