Useful Tips for Buying Leather Handbags and Purses

Handbags have always been a girl’s best friend. Handbags are very useful and are also helpful in defining one’s style statement. Whether it’s for office or party, there is a handbag for every occasion. Due to its incredible features, it is an important part of accessorizing in everyday life. As per the recent fashion reports, handbags contribute to near about 25-35 percent of sales revenue generation in the fashion industry.

Needless to say, leather bags and purses are expensive and it is necessary that you understand the material before making your final decision.

Select the finest leather

When you have decided on spending your hard-earned money on this guilty pleasure, you must buy the leather which is labelled as long lasting. There are several types of leather. Long lasting leather comes from a different breed of cattle rearing where special attention is given to their skin. Most of these cattle are given nutrient rich fodder that brings out the beauty in the handbag.

Unlike cheaper qualities which can wither after few months. Always go for full grain leather. Full grain leather means that there is no mix with the leather and it is derived from one type of cattle. Additionally, keep in mind genuine leather can also be a mix of high and medium or low-quality leather

Hence when you are going to buy this, it is suggested to go for full grain. Obviously, it will be costly than the other but it will be worth it. You can also check for the brand Marsi Bond. They offer customization on the percent and mix of leather, to fit as per your budget.

Identifying faux and imitation leather

The striking difference between original and imitation leather lies in the product finish. If you touch the surface of the faux leather it will feel smooth like anything. On the other hand, original leather is bound to have imperfections and will never be uniform. if you look minutely in bags of luxury brands as well, you will find imperfections in their bag as well. This is because of the simple fact that leather means skin of an animal and it cannot be totally perfect.

Additionally, you cannot use faux leather for a longer period of time. It will get damaged upon repeated usage. With time, it will lose its shine and brightness. You will be surprised to know that imitation leather develops fine lines and cracks upon exposure to sun.

Understanding different types of leather

Whether it is designer handbag or luxury purse there are various types of leather available in the market. Most of the costly handbags are made up lambskin, caviar leather, kangaroo skin, crocodile skin or ostrich skin.

There is a special type of treated leather in the market which is gaining popularity and it is known as suede leather. This is very expensive as it is subtle yet classy in look. Mostly you can match suede with anything irrespective of attire and other accessories.


Every season all reputed brands come up with different styles, types and colors of bags. A designer or a reputed leather handbag can be one of the finest additions to your wardrobe. If you want to inculcate taste and class in your style leather bags can be the best option to define it.

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