Why are you paying more for eco-friendly products?

With the increasing demand for eco-friendly products companies have started to launch more and more environmental products as compared to traditional products to save the environment. Apart from just saving the environment these products also generate a good amount of capitalisation as they are much more expensive compared to the traditional products. For example, plastic bags are getting banned and replaced by insulated bags personalized that is reusable as well as can be used as a good fashion accessory. What makes us wonder is why the cost of eco-friendly products is so much more compared to traditional products?

The fast fashion industry can be considered as one of the biggest pollution-causing industry. Buying clothes is always great but what happens behind the scenes is damaging our environment. Luckily, today several shoppers are well aware of the environmental damage and prefer to go eco-friendly. Almost half of the people in America do not use sustainable products considering the expenses of those products.

Let’s educate ourselves why these products are expensive in the first place.

  • Sustainable fashion itself is so much more than how the material is made. Is also important to know that the contents of the material are also eco-friendly and they lead to the final prices.
  • Eco-friendly materials and ingredients are expensive which is why designer spend more money to make products that are but for the environment.
  • Available in limited quantity but they have better quality, are unique and last longer.
  • A manufacturer only designs and drafts the samples of eco-friendly fashion but there are labourers to be paid who make the products worth deliverable. The cost of raw material is also to be paid which is high.
  • When you go to buy cheap clothes, it suggests that you are supporting unfair labour. The reason behind so many companies being able to sell cheap clothing is because they did not pay the labours properly. If you look out for an ethical product that is made by hard workers who have earned a fair share of the wage for their work then it is going to cost you more. Most of the eco-friendly items are produced locally which is much more expensive.
  • Companies that produce green items have other green practices as well. For examples, several eco-friendly cloth producing companies also print the label on recycled paper with non-toxic ink. This reduces the amount of water and energy used in manufacturing.
  • Environment-friendly products do not contain any kind of toxins in them. Therefore, the extra cost is needed to make this product more sustainable without adding any adulterations to the raw material.
  • If you want every eco-friendly clothing to be certified and ethical then you need to pay the cost for the same.
  • companies are small scale. Marketing any kind of product so much money. But the largest companies have a lot of budgets compared to the small companies which are why the cost of the eco-friendly products is more.

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