Mistakes You Must Avoid While Choosing A Corporate Venue

Corporate events are powerful platforms to attract customers, partners, and also new employees. It can be hosted to reward the best performers, introduction of new products, and to reinforce the workplace culture in the corporate world.

Not only does it encourage participations among the employees, it also helps in driving productivity. Corporate events also strengthen the culture, and get employees interact with each other. These events can also go a long way in team building.

These types of events are useful in creating a brand goodwill and awareness. Whether it’s a new product launch, or is focused to increase sales in the next quarter, it is important to establish competition and provide a different feeling among partners.

However, while hosting a corporate event we have to be careful about the budget. Since most of the corporate companies host events every quarter after quarter, planning and execution has to be perfect. You might also have to host one big annual event in a year too.

Before you plan to execute a corporate event, make sure you don’t make the usual mistakes which most event companies make. If you repeat those same mistakes, then the whole purpose of the event will be lost, and it will prove to be counterproductive. Read the article to understand the mistakes that you must avoid at all cost.

Capacity Limitations

It is good to be cost effective but booking a small room is not at all recommended. Your attendees may spill over to the outdoors, which is something that you will not want to happen. You might also compromise the safety of your attendees if the venue is unable to accommodate all of them comfortably.

The venue for corporate events should be big, but not overly big. It should be able to accommodate at least 35 guests. Do not forget to add screen, collar mike, and podium, if you want to make a presentation to the crew.

Also, you must have a clear idea of how many people will be attending, excluding potential walk-ins. Your event must accommodate all the participants and visitors.

Selecting within budget

Needless to say, a fancy and well decorated venue will amaze your audience, but make sure you have your profit percentage intact. You can select an expensive venue, then you have to compensate elsewhere. Go for a low to medium profile speaker to suffice within your budget. Keep in mind that venue ambience is important to wow your guests, so that you get client recommendations. Additionally, if you can plan your event during non-peak hours or when there are no important holidays, you may also get a good deal.

Check with the administrator

You should check with the administrator twice before making final payment. Double check with the food arrangements. Visit the venue, check the lights and the conditioning if they are working fine.

Venue with insufficient branding scope

The purpose of any corporate event is to do marketing and create brand awareness. The venue should be well adorned by the company’s logo. Do not forget to attach your logo in the frame. Digital signage catch attention in a lit area. If possible, rent some digital signage.

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