Dress Up Like A Pirate for The Upcoming Costume Party and Steal Hearts

When it comes to costume parties or Halloween, pirate costume is a timeless classic. Pirates display an eclectic mix of rebelliousness and smooth talking. The rugged pirate has been the fantasy of most women. With Johnny Depp sporting the role of Jack Sparrow, the spotlight has again turned on pirates. If you want to choose between 80s Outfits, pirate costume is perfect.

What makes pirate clothing unique?

Between 1600’s and 1800’s, seamen who were caught up in the war were recruited by pirates. The clothes and slops worn by them during the recruitment period snuck its way into pirate clothing. Other items specific to pirates are linen shirts, breeches and caps/hats.

Gradually, their clothing became distinct and perfectly mismatched since they started using whatever stuff they pilfer along the way. Since they hardly visited ports and had less access to clothing, they used the stolen stuff they found at sea and that’s how they laid hands on expensive fabric. The shredded and faded shirts of pirates are not just a stereotype.

Their clothing choices were not only influenced by limited access to clothing, their long arduous labor called for such clothing. Pirates looked shabby after spending a long time at sea before setting foot in land. Since they were involved in strenuous physical labor and they didn’t want their fluttering shirt to get caught while climbing a rigging, they resorted to tight clothing.

Why accessories like bandanas and earrings?

Bandanas served to keep off the sweat from the eyes when indulging in work. It would have also helped to shield them from the sun. Earrings helped with sea sickness. The pressure applied on the earlobe alleviated the associated symptoms. Jewels were also seen as status symbols. It differentiated them from ordinary sailors.

By wearing jewels like rings and necklaces, they could ensure their jewel’s safety. Most of them wore a single golden earring which had a religious significance. They believed a person reaches heaven after a funeral. Their gold earring was used to pay for their funeral rites.

Dressing up tips: Looking for pirate 80s Outfits? Incorporate the following:

  • Frock coat for captain
  • Waist coat for officer
  • A white shirt with puffy sleeves
  • Knee breeches if you want to turn up fancy or trousers
  • Bandana, sash and socks of the same color but different waistcoat, coat or pant color
  • Leather belt and baldric to hold weapons
  • Jewels

Why eye patches and hooks?

They weren’t fashion statements. Wooden legs, hooks and eye patches are symbols of a pirate’s violent life. Loss of limbs was common and they sustained injuries often. They were used to cover up the injuries sustained. Another reason for eye patches could be the pirates wanted their eyes to get acclimated to the dark.

To impress other party-goers go for a pirate captain look. A pirate captain is well groomed with fitted clothing and wears a hat with a feather of an exotic bird. You would end up looking menacing and an eye-candy at the same time.

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